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Want To Know What It Takes To Work For An Auto Glass Shop?

broken front windshieldA cracked or chipped wind shield is a potential hazard for drivers. Luckily for drivers, an auto glass shop can quickly and efficiently replace any damaged car windows. Should you want to become an auto glass technician, you need some knowledge of cars, a good ability to learn, and good customer service skills. The job is often demanding and stressful, but will give you a sense of achievement, knowing you are making the roads and vehicles safer.

There are some educational requirements should you want to work as an auto glass technician. Most auto glass companies want a high school diploma or an equivalent, but little training is needed from job candidates. Having a basic knowledge of math and shop is useful when using power tools and calculating the glass to fit a vehicle. Previous work with auto glass is a bonus for getting the job, but most companies offer on the job training.

There are several duties you have to learn if you want to be an auto glass technician. The most common involves using power tools for dislodging faulty pieces of glass and safely removing it. You will also install new glass using tools, like an air-powered suction gun that permits you to move a whole wind shield with relative ease. Another part of the job is customer service by working on the front counter, receiving cars that need a window put in, and estimating the cost and time to do the job.

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What tools are required to change the glass of a car, and other important skills like good eye to hand coordination and strong communication.

When you begin to work for an auto glass shop, you will need to use several different skills. You must have good hand and eye coordination, due to the fact you will be working with glass and, in most cases, gluing them permanently in place. You must have a good attention to detail, because you have to choose cuts of window glass, and even the slightest miscalculation will result in an expensive and potentially dangerous mistake with the wrong glass. Strong communication is the most important skill if you want to be an auto glass technician as you will frequently have to give or receive instructions from other members of staff.

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