What Should a Proper Car Detailing Service Process Include?

Find out How Professionals Perform Auto Detailing

Car detailing service is the process of cleaning a vehicle both inside and out and in detail. There should not be any mistakes with auto washing or cleaning – services that don’t feature even a fraction of the tasks involved in auto detailing. The challenge when shopping for a car detailing service provider is finding one that will cover all the required aspects of detailing.

Paint Care
Your car’s paint job must be addressed in three phases: cleaning, correcting, and protecting. The cleaning process involves washing and drying the car to remove any grime and dirt. A clay application will come next, which will remove any tar, dirt, metal particles, and industrial fallout. Finally, the paint will be waxed and polished.

Wheels and Chassis
The chassis and undercarriage of the car must be cleaned as well. This includes washing around the major suspension components, wheel wells, control arms, and anti roll bars. Special protectants will be applied over the inner fender liner and splash guards.

Exterior Trim, Headlights, and Taillights
If the headlights or taillights show signs of oxidation, the auto detailing specialist will apply a polishing compound that will make them clear once again. Vinyl and plastic trim will be dressed with a protectant that will help them resist fading and cracking.

Interior Detailing
Proper Car Detailing The interior detailing process will begin with a proper vacuuming and shampooing of all seating surfaces. If the interior is made of leather, then a special leather cleaner will be used instead of a regular upholstery cleaner. The technician will then clean the dashboard, using special tools that allows him to get into the smallest crevices. The AC intakes will be vacuumed and cleaned as well. Finally, all the vinyl and plastic components will be dressed in special protectants.

Some auto detailing companies also offer engine bay cleaning. This is a more delicate process as water cannot be used in the process. However, if you want to see how a true professional performs car detailing, then schedule an appointment with White Glove Car Wash. Our detailing shop is
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